Sunday, June 5, 2016

Todd and Adrian - Robert Louis Stephenson Museum and Walk

Day 5 - Culture day touring Robert Louis Stephenson Museum and then walking the trail to his grave-site.

This was the first day we didn't have to get up "early," well,  before 8:00 a.m.  Robert Louis Stephenson is an icon here and built quite a home for himself.  The home fell into ruin until it was restored a few years ago by some promanent members of the Church. Rex Maughan was a missionary in Samoa and he formed a group and donated a lot of money to restore Stephenson's home, grounds and the trail of love which leads to his grave - 0.8 kilometers up the mountain overlooking his estate.

Now this is a house I could live in.  I have always wanted a house with a wrap around porch sitting up on a hill overlooking the ocean.
 This is the tapa room.  The walls are papered with tapa (the bark from a mulberry tree) and antiques from Stehpenson.

 If you have ever wondered where a writer works, here is the desk of Robert Louis Stephenson.  I can just image him sitting there smoking his cigar thinking what things would happen on Treasure Island.

 Theron and Todd decided to take advantage of the warmth, the wide porch, and a book from Robert Louis Stevenson's personal library (it's good to know people).

The famous Dr Jekyll, Mr Hyde pictures of Stephenson hanging in his own home.

When the tour of the house ended, we determined to walk the trail of love to Stevenson's grave - Stephenson was a friend to, and defender of the Samoans, and when he died the leaders of many of the villages came to make a trail up the mountain to carry his coffin to be buried on the bluff overlooking his home in Vailima.  The trail is just 0.8 kilometers long, no big deal.  Yea, well they almost had to carry me the last little ways - up hill, sometimes straight up hill, 100% humidity, and out of shape - three things you shouldn't have when trying this hike.
The start of the trail.  Fresh and ready to take on the world.

Don't ask, how far up this was!
Okay, how come they can look so fresh; how come they can breathe and talk and I can only wheeeeeeez!

Finally, the top and the concrete tomb of Robert Louis Stevenson.  Going down was much better even though it was starting to rain which made it very slippery.
 Now, when all is said and done, I'm glad I completed this little trek and grateful that I could make the trek.  I keep reflecting that not quite three years ago, I had a difficult time walking at all, or even getting out of bed.  I'm so grateful for people like Dr. Stevens who have talents and skills to heal broken body parts.  My back is great today and allowed me to be with my family as we took the steps up through this Samoan rain forest to this beautiful memorial location.

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