Saturday, June 4, 2016

Todd and Adrian - Clams, Cultural Center, Temple

Monday, Day 3, we went with the nursing students over to the clams. We have been here many, many times and so we didn't take pictures; we took videos -- go pro videos!  In fact, Adrian and Todd stayed out so long they both had sunburned backs - we are talking medium rare!

Tuesday, Day 4, was a cultural enlightenment day.  The Samoan Cultural Center is a real treat.

 The man is really intent on learning to weave!
 We are learning about umu cooking - a very hot fire and hot stones, throw the breadfruit and taro on, cover with banana leaves, put pulasami on; cover with banana leaves put bananas and fish and cover with more banana leaves.  If they cook a pig, they put the pig on first.

The next demonstration was traditional tattooing.  No pictures allowed.  Talk to Todd about his tattoo!  Oh, wait.  They weren't taking new clients that day.

 Todd and Adrian were both intrigued by the making of tapa cloth.  You peel the bark from the mulberry tree and separate the white inner part from the outer bark and pound it to make it larger and larger.  Adrian is holding a large pounded piece and there will always be holes, the actual cloth when finished is comprised of layers upon layers of tapa.
 This is how you paint and design the final tapa.  There is a wooden carved stencil under the woman's cloth.  She rubs natural paints on each layer and then finishes it by painting (see the back dark flower piece) the darker colors.
 The final plate of food!  Taro, breadfruit, pulasami and fish.

 Ever the princess, Adrian modeled a tooth necklace and the woven tiara we received at the Cultural Center.
This is the inside of the Church of Immaculate Conception.  The ceiling is inlaid wood surrounded by the small round windows that depict the final days of Jesus Christ.  It is a beautiful building.

However, the Apia Samoa Temple is even more beautiful and only a small number of people really get to enjoy the painted murals and peace that prevails.  We attended a Samoan session and wore English headsets.

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