Sunday, June 5, 2016

Todd and Adrian - Fia Fia

Day 6 is a stay close to home and packing day because tomorrow we are headed for Savaii.  Staying close to home doesn't mean we don't have anything planned -- oh yea, it's fiafia time.

Fiafia means happiness, joy, gaiety, laughter, fun, merry, and all the other happy words you can think of.  The first fiafia today is Papaseea Sliding Rocks.  The sun was shining, the water was good and Todd and Theron had a blast sliding on the falls.  I of course am too chicken - my excuse is a back operation.  Adrian just plain refused - "I'm not stupid."  I guess we took most of the pictures with the go pro cameras because I don't have too many with them in it.

Todd and Adrian then enjoyed some shopping at the market buying their lava lavas and other souvenirs.  The market is always fun because no matter what shop you go to, they have the same thing as the shop next door.  I did buy Samoan dresses for the girls, every girl has to have a Samoan outfit, just wait until I get home, puliatasi and all.

The evening fiafia was at a resort called Traditions.  This is the fiafia that is a traditional dinner show.  You have a program of Pacific island dances, the traditional fire dance (one of the fire dancers is a 9-year old boy.) and food.  The roasted pig, chicken, fish, pulasami, potato salad, green salad, taro, bread fruit, oka (raw fish).  If you don't do a fiafia when in Samoa, you haven't experienced Samoa.

Doesn't Adrian look good in her lava lava?

Adrian brought us all kinds of gifts from home - letters from Ali and Mason, a picture of all the grandchildren sitting on our front porch, a necklace Marc made for me and Melanee's birthday card to Theron.  It was great to hear stories from home and to be able to hug a real person from home again.  Thanks Todd and Adrian for coming to visit.  Now for the important pictures, Mason in his school year beginning and ending picture.

My how he has grown - even missing two teeth now.  Jesse is wearing glasses now; he joins Cameron and Tyce.  Where Tyce looks Smurf like, Jesse looks Minion like.  The last picture is of the first Curt and Melanee vacation.  They took a couple of days and traveled to St. George to get our trailer and bring it home.  They now officially have all our stuff! :)

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