Sunday, June 12, 2016

Savaii - the resort and the turtles

We decided to spend  one, full, relaxing day (Saturday) at the resort on Savaii - it was great snorkeling, sitting on the deck reading a book while it rained and then visiting the Swim With the Turtles adventure.

Every vacation or activity should have some down time; this was our day.  Well, most of us had a down time, Todd snorkeled the entire day.  We had to pry the snorkel out of his mouth to take him over to see the turtles.  So much ocean, so little time!!!

Nui (young coconut) with lunch and then lobster for dinner

The resort had a four man drum line, three played hollowed out logs and the fourth played a large yellow plastic barrel.  Two fire dancers light the Tiki torches on the beach and then perform a traditional fire dance on the grassy peninsula every evening to celebrate the end of another day on the island.  The view of the show and the sunset were great from the warm waters of the endless pool. 
 Adrian's pigs on the beach!
Our two "nautical" children took one of the kayaks out for a spin,  However, the way there were seated in the boat resulted in a lot of spin and little progress when both paddled.  We were too far way from them to try to correct their positions (and we didn't want to attract attention to them) so we just watched them embarrass themselves. 

Savaii is a destination not just a stopping point.  Many people zoom through Apia and head straight for Savaii because there are some great resorts, peaceful retreats and just great beaches.  The Le Lagoto Resort is one of the best on the island.  It has a nice beach, a boat dock, kayaks, an infinity swimming pool, and great fales

One highlight of our Savaii stay was swimming with the turtles.  There is a small resort that has many large sea turtles.  A little girl brings down a papaya and cuts it into chunks so that you can feed it to the turtles.  Adrian and Theron got into the pool and had the turtles swim all around them.  They picked up a couple of the smaller one but the bigger ones were more than anyone wanted to lift, they fed them, they talked to them and one even tried to eat Theron's shirt.  It was fascinating to see them and the various colors of their shells.

 Turtles eat papaya, who knew.  Wonder how they climb the trees?

Can we have any more fun?

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