Sunday, June 12, 2016

Sunday in Savaii - Vaiola School and Church

We planned on attending the Vaiola Ward at 11:30 a.m.  Before going to Church though we wanted to show Todd and Adrian the Viola Church School campus.  The setting is beautiful where it is surrounded by mountains with a palm tree lined street leading up to the main buildings.

Adrian loved the weather in Samoa but didn't like the temperature inside the car, so we gave "granny" a towel to wrap up in so the rest of us could have some air-conditioning, but she did look good with a flower in her hair.

Everyone has to hike the Vaiola mountain and experience the scenery from up there.

 Elder and Sister Callahan are missionaries in Vaiola.  She teaches ITEP classes which are BYU Hawaii teacher training courses.  When visiting any of the senior missionaries, we are always asked to solve computer problems.  Glad we had Todd along on this one because we are not Apple experts.

Church was in Samoan, but a lady and her daughter sat behind us and translated for us.

After Sacrament meeting we hurried to the ferry and returned across the great Pacific deep back home to Upolu.

With a tear of sadness, a long look at the horizon, the memory of the beauty of the island, we bid farewell to Savaii.

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