Tuesday, June 7, 2016

Savaii - the blowholes and canopy walk adventures

This is Savaii Day 1 continued.  From the falls, we changed our wet clothes in a broken down fale and drove on to the lava fields and blowholes.

We arrived at the lava fields, we found that Australian Survivor Samoa was filming the blowholes for their opening sequence using a helicopter  - got to find out when this airs and watch it.  So we could had to stay out of their field-of-view for an hour until they were finished.  You'll have to ask Adrian and Todd if the wait was worth it.  Perhaps this short video will give you the answer, also.


From the blowholes to the canopy walk is a half an island away, but the scenery is beautiful and Adrian really enjoyed the pigs! :)  The canopy walk is a man-made structure.  The village designed a cable walk from one huge Banyon tree to another and then cabled together a walking bridge.  Yes, there's some serious sway but it's only a short distance.

When you get to the other side of the canopy walk, you then climb stairs built into and around the trunk of the Banyon tree.  Now this is a serious Swiss Family Robison tree and possible tree house.  The view of the rainforest canopy is magnificent!

Now, off to the Le Lagoto Resort and one day of rest on the beach - these kids are wearing us out (but their tired too).

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