Thursday, June 2, 2016

Todd and Adrian in Samoa - The East Side

The day after Todd and Adrian's arrival was Sunday; no beaches, no swimming.  However, in Samoa you do not have to do something in the water or water related.  So today, Day 2, we drove around the east side of the island.  This is perhaps the prettiest part of the island and the least populated.

Church in our ward starts at 7:30 a.m. the earliest time ever for Church.  Todd didn't bring Sunday clothes because he wanted to wear the formal lava lava which, in Samoan, is an 'ie faitaga - which literally translated is "cloth with pockets,or which directly translates to, "Cameron and Taylor your dad wore a skirt to church!"  He actually looked very good and seemed quite comfortable.

 This picture was taken at the top of the mountain before we went down to the most remote village, Uafato.  I loved this picture of Adrian with her flower and Todd with his 'ie (pronounced e a).  At the bottom of the mountain, is a power plant.  Now we are talking real Schaefermeyer trip stopping to look at generators.

 This picture is of the Uafato Church building fate and bishop/clerk office.
 Todd really wanted to speak to the congregation in a fale.  This is beautiful because it overlooks the river.

 As we started to travel, Adrian became enamored with the pigs that roam wildly around the countryside.
 We continued further and visited the Tiavea Tai chapel, Adrian and Todd are standing in the classroom.  Then walking to the parking area, you pass a papaya tree and Todd visits the church's restroom.  This is a small branch of about 65 members who probably enjoy so much of life because they have so little.

At the end of the day, we returned home to have visions of clams - tomorrow's adventure.

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