Sunday, June 12, 2016

The Last Days of Adrian and Todds Samoan Adventure

What do you do when you've toured two islands, hit all the high spots,  and shopped for all of the things you need to take home?
You start over and go back to sand dollar beach and Palolo Deep one last time. You watch your parents teach a technology class to the Upolu North Stake Presidency and technology specialists and you offer the prayers as requested by the Stake President.

You pack your suitcase and collect all the stuff mom and dad need to send home.  You cry because you have to say goodbye to the garden and return to the lone and dreary world.  (Ask Adrian about that one.)

Then mom cries because she doesn't want you to go.  It has been such a joy to have family here to visit.  We don't feel so forgotten and we are now more homesick than ever!

Unfortunately, the airplane tickets say Thursday, May 26, 11:00 a.m.; an 8-hour layover in Fiji and then LA.  LA to SLC arriving on Thursday, May 26.  They made it home safely, hugged Cameron and Taylor, and look at the thousands of pictures they took.  The best part of any vacation are the memories.

Todd and Adrian - Thank you so much for the memories!!!!!!!!!!!

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