Saturday, June 18, 2016

A Day of Sailing

Western Samoa celebrates independence day on June 1.  Businesses are closed, parties are held (3 days of them), umu cooking is at it's finest.  Our office was closed and we heard that there was free sailing experiences at the Yacht Club.

 Free and sailing in the same sentence holds intrigue for Theron, so off we go.  The members of the Yacht Club sail small laser boats and small catamarans.  On Independence Day, they offered their boats to the public and will take anyone on a ride around the harbor.  Most of these boats were sailed by teenagers.  I had a glorious time watching these young people retrieve their boats, help an adult into the hull, tell them to watch their heads as they tacked the sail from side to side and pulled the sail tight to speed away.

It really did look like fun, but I just couldn't bring myself to step onto the catamaran as the waves lapped up and over the hull.  It was quite windy that day; a great day for sailing.  Theron on the other hand was up for the challenge and had a wonderful experience.

Check - sailing in Apia Harbor! Done.

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