Sunday, August 16, 2015

The Lolo Boys

A family in the ward we attend, Pesega Lima, is going through a little tragedy.  The father, Mika Lolo started changing personality and could not function in his job as principal of the Pesega Middle School.  He was diagnosed with a brain tumor.  They have five sons, the oldest returned from his mission earlier this year, the second son is on a mission and then the other three are at home and Liam the youngest being 9.

The father and mother, Mika and Rebecca, had to go to New Zealand for Mika's operation.  They anticipate being there until October.  They have now performed the operation and it was a benign tumor between the skull and outer covering of the brain.  It will take some time for him to recover but the outcome looks good.

So, while the parents are away, the ward is taking meals to the boys, and we are driving Liam to his school as it is quite a ways from home.  His big brother goes to work early in the morning so is home early in the afternoon to pick him up.  Elder and Sister Gillette are doing a lot of caregiving work as they live very close to Lolos.  The boys are really fond of Elder Gillette, he is teaching them how to weld and sister Gillette has become the new grandmother.  We took these pictures the other day and just had to chuckle at the helmet, gloves, coveralls and 'flip flops'.  Safety first.

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