Saturday, August 22, 2015

Our Week in Review - August 18-22

Just a little catch up to what we did this week.  We had a very good training with two more brothers from the Apia West Stake.  It is so fun to watch them concentrate on the terms, the equipment and then to actually get to touch the computer, turn off the firewall, write their first e-mail, etc.  Taking a hands-on approach has been the right thing to do.  On the left is Leslie, a ward clerk, and in the plaid shirt is Iose, a newly called technical specialist.  Faleatua, our star student is sitting next to Elder Schaefermeyer. We meet in  ward clerk office where the firewall and computer is located.

The 94 new MLS computers are still sitting on the dock!  Can't wait for them to arrive, but read the next blog entry as to our dilemma.

Loved these pictures of Marc working in his shop and then the finished product.  He made this hair dryer, curling iron and straightener holder for Brittney.  Put those two together and you get get all sorts of hand gadgets and shelves around the house.

Our Saturday beach day was to the Black Sand Beach.  Wow, this was another wonderful beach.  The sand is so different from all other beaches.  It's so fine, pure and clean, no shells, no sea weed.  The snorkeling was really fun over the coral reef that's near and little canyons where the fish can swim.  I'm getting a little less fearful of snorkeling and an really starting to enjoy it.

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