Saturday, August 15, 2015


Sauniatu (saw-ne-ah-to) means "prepare to go forth."  Sauniatu is a valley high in the mountains on the east end of the island where the LDS members moved during the early days of the 1900s when they were being persecuted.  Many early converts were not allowed to live in family villages or to hold jobs in the community.  The Church purchased 800 acres of lush ground and the people built fales and farmed here.  The farm has diminished in size and is now just a demonstration area for different farming and plant growing activities.  There is an elementary school here and a ward building.

I think the message on this plaque tells the story better than I can.

The area is very beautiful, but it is quite a distance from Apia and the other stakes of strength.  Here are some pictures of the area.  The waterfall that is there is a favorite tourist attraction and many come there to swim in the pond and soak under the waterfall.  The river provides lots of water.  During the years of farming and early Church growth, the land was blessed to provide for the people.  The story is that the people of Samoa started going there to see how they farmed and learn from them.  Too bad it's not that way now.

This is a great picnic fale.  On the other side is a river and lots more banana, kapok and other trees as you can see from the other picture.

 This was once the house of the administrator, but it now serves as the offices and library.

 We loved this sign and message!
 Theron is in the water and heading straight for the waterfall.  The others are our two dentists and Elder Gillette.

The trees and variety of flowers is amazing.  This one reminds us of exploding fireworks.

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