Saturday, August 8, 2015

More Technology Teaching

We had a great teaching week.  We now have several technology specialists trained, We taught one great student this Tuesday and Wednesday in Apia West Stake (which is the stake our "boss" Chris is a member and serves as the STS).   While our student was setting up the satellite system and AV equipment, Chris  pointed out the hum in the sound system and the distortion bars traveling through the video from the projector.  Theron and I went back the next day; he was on a quest to fix these problems.

Well, a new cable, wired into the right connection on the satellite panel and plugging the video projector into a non-grounded wire, and it's fixed,clear sound and a perfect picture.  Theron is such a genius diagnosing problems.

Thursday night, we started training a new ward, Lotopa.  We were told there would be five young men.  Well one showed up; then 15 minutes later another one came.  Several phone calls later, another young man came.  The bishop had us wait for at least 1/2 hour before we started.  Well, the second young man excused himself to go to the bathroom and took his backpack.  He didn't come back.  It was  before we started so we didn't take it personally.  Well, these two young men stayed with us and they were really cute about learning and finally got into it.  We're figuring it out.

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