Sunday, August 9, 2015

A Father's Day to Remember

In Samoa, Father's Day is celebrated the second Sunday in August and then the following Monday is a national holiday.  Our Pesega Lima ward had a Father's Day Dinner and Dance party on Saturday. It was supposed to start at 6:00 p.m. we started to eat at 7:00 p.m. -- Samoa Time. 
 I had a pulatasi skirt and top made so I could go Samoan style.

 This is Elder 'Rusty' and Sister Cindy Gillette from Gooding, Idaho.  They are serving at the Pesega School where he is teaching welding and she is working with the home ec department.  Below is a picture of our bishop Eiti Pauga.

All of the wives were supposed to bring their husband's favorite dish to share with everyone and then a dessert.  When the food started to arrive, it seemed as if it just kept coming filling four full banquet tables with sweet and sour chicken, oka (raw fish), teriyaki chicken, and a pig.  

The next outing we go on, I'll have matching outfits made like Denny and Maryanne.  Denny is the manager of the Service Center.  The Samoans always celebrate with the entire family.  However, the men ate first, then the women and then the children.  The small children then watched a movie and made candy leis  and paper neck ties for the fathers.  The special parts to us were the wonderful Samoan dances that the young girls did and the young boys.  They love to perform.

We were asked to teach the Swing and well, it went over pretty well.  The version of "In the Mood" they selected was a modern version and really fast.  After a little demonstration from us, it was dessert time.  Then they had 5 fathers sign up for karaoke which was a delight - these Samoan men have such a fun time singing and many have great voices.  We've included lots of pictures for you to enjoy this celebration.

A fun time and a Happy Father's Day.  This cultural hall/gym also currently serves as our chapel.  However, in two weeks we're moving to the Lotopa building which is next door to our apartment.

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