Friday, October 30, 2015

The Miracles We Call Grandchildren

The total is nine!  In just three short weeks, four new grandchildren were added to our family.  Each one is a miracle; they are all perfect - of course we are biased.  With three perfect children of our own; three perfect spouses what else but perfect grandchildren.

Today's blog has nothing to do with our mission activities; it is for our scrapbook of memories.  We can't hold our grandchildren. love them, and listen to their stories right now, but with modern means our children are sending us pictures, posting to Facebook and our favorite, Facetime.  We have been able to watch Curt feed Jesse and Lauren and talk to Ali, Mason and Tyce.  It makes the distance seem so much less and it eases my homesickness.  I have to admit as the days go by, I love the work we are doing, but I long to be home holding the babies and watching all the others grow and play and learn.  Yes, Adrian, Curt and Marc, my heart is softer and I hope I'm a better grandmother than mother.

Now I've had my pity party, here are the latest and greatest pictures of our grandchildren:
Starting with the oldest two, Taylor (left) and Cameron (right).  They are finding rock formations in St. George.  Cameron is now in 8th grade and Taylor is in 6th grade.

This is one cute family picture of Tyce, Mason, Ali and Kacy.  I love the smiles from ear to ear.  Tyce is still our little smurf; Ali will always be our first little girl and Mason is just happy in his whole first year of school.

This picture is little Kacy at two weeks.  What a precious little bundle.  She is growing so fast and by everything we hear, she is the perfect baby.

The last three are truly a miracle.  Our family triplets - Lauren, Brookelyn and Jesse.  On Sunday, we enjoyed watching Curt feed Jesse and Lauren.  I love seeing our sons taking their rightful role as father and caregiver and working along side their wives to raise the children.  That brings joy to my heart.

This is the first picture of all three babies together  - now we can show the world that there really are three of them.  Lauren is on the left, Brookelyn in the center and Jesse on the right.  I have to put in here what Curt and Melanee have told us - Lauren is nicknamed the 'Queen'.  She has the most to say and demands attention.  She also is the one who holds out for all the options before participating.  Brookelyn is the best eater and is the most serious to get to it and get it over with.  By the look on Jesse's face, you can tell he is the worrier.  Look at those knit eyebrows and that concerned look.  Can't wait until they all get that tape mustache off!

We really have no idea of the size of these babies.  However, when we see pictures like Jesse getting a bath by Curt or a size comparison like the picture of Jesse's head in Curt's hand, we see how tiny and delicate these children are.  They have a long way to go, but they are off to a terrific start.

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