Sunday, October 4, 2015

Pago Weekly Events - October 3, 2015

Last week was all about our missionary care, we need to bring everyone up on to date on our technology assignment.  In each chapel, there should be a locked internet cabinet that has a firewall and modem and any other internet devices that are needed.  The FM supervisor for Pago has been hiring a private contractor to install these items.  He wants his crews to do this, but no one understands what needs to be done.  Hence, we arrive and Theron knows how to install the electrical, internet and all other items.  On each cabinet there is a reset switch mounted on the wall so clerks and others can reset the firewall and modem when there is electrical or internet problems.

This week, Theron taught 6 FM crew members how to do an installation.  They were eating this up and really enjoyed it.  Theron had them cover the wires with wire molding, make sure the insulation on the CAT5 end was at the connector, explained what the wires and colors represented on the wires, and even how to measure a correct length of cable.  They were using the crimpers and CATV tester that we brought with us and it was fun to see them all coming to look at whether their cable passed the test.  The teaching/installation lasted about 5 hours and they were right there with him all the way.  It was so fun to see how proud they were when we finished.  They even swept the floor and cleaned up.

We have scheduled a second teaching/installation for this coming week and then will write up all the buildings that need cabinets and reset switches and will monitor their progress.

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