Saturday, October 31, 2015

Pago Weekly Review thru October 30, 2015

Just when you think things are settling down, transfers occur.  We realize now this is an every 6 week event.  This was a big transfer as there were 13 new missionaries from the MTC.  That caused a big shuffle throughout the mission.  It was also a time for three of our favorite Pago elders to head for home after fulfilling their commitment to the Lord.  So, we get the itineraries, then next day we get new itineraries, then we find out we have two non-American citizens coming that needed visas, then an elder going home was not on the travel list, okay, you get the picture that it starts to get crazy.  After a while, the dust settles and we say good-bye and hello.  Our introduction to a missionary transfer cycle.  Here we are with Elder Howard (the one with the necklace) and his companion Elder Daley.  Below is Elder Seui on the left and Tu'itanu on the right.  He will be playing football for USU, we are going to have watch the Aggies.

Our new missionaries straight from the MTC are Sister Posche (right) from Arizona with her trainer Sister Aspinall; Elder Call from Heber, Utah with his trainer Elder Barclay; Elder Harmon from Texas.  You'll see him later at the end with his trainer Elder Leiataua.  This last week Elder Harmon came down with Dengue Fever a mosquito transmitted  tropic disease with severe fever and chills and possible hemorrhaging.  We brought him into the mission home and got to know him very well by taking care of him and feeding him for three days.  We sent him home yesterday and he will be weak for a few weeks as he recovers.  Remind me to put my mosquito repellent on.  We welcome, them all to our beautiful island and are cheering them on in learning the language and customs.

We have to say good-bye to some favorites who are being transferred to either Savai'i or Upolu and hope they grow even more in their testimonies and their missionary service - Elders Robertson, Afuvai and Sister Markowitz.

The last group are the ones being re-assigned to us from either Savai'i or Upolu and this is their first time on American soil.  We had to work around a few visa things to get them here in the American territory.  Elder Tukuago (left) is a new zone leader and Elder Leaitu (right) is a new trainer.  His companion is Elder Daley a new trainee from last transfer, who is now submerged (I think submerged means he is drowning in Samoan).

We love all these elders and sisters, it is amazing to watch them teach and testify.  Of course, they are 18-20 year olds and will do crazy things.  When they do crazy things like in the picture, it makes your heart melt.  Thanks for your happy birthday wishes.  You can't read all the greetings, but they all were so sweet.

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