Friday, October 30, 2015

Sister Schaefermeyer's Scary Birthday

My wife has never been too excited about having a birthday so close to Halloween.  However, tomorrow is birthday number 65 so it is only appropriate that such a scary number of years is celebrated near Halloween.

I hope that she has had a good year and is fairly comfortable in her new situation as an Area Technology Missionary serving in Samoa.  It's been interesting to see how she has grown in this calling.  Our superiors in SLC have asked what the "spouse"in a technology couple does, as if there is only one of us who can do the work.  Well my answer is that we are pretty well equally yoked to the assignment.  Shanna has learned a lot about the technology right along with me and it's kind of funny to see her get as excited and passionate about technology as she used to get about Family History.  But I guess the two are closely related.  Now she spends her time imaging computers, setting up the users, downloading the drivers, copying the church media files, upgrading firewalls, as well as playing medical recorder and nurse maid.

I'm sure you realize that she is struggling with not being able to be with our children and grandchildren but she is dedicated to the work and the calling given to us.  We really do love working with the missionaries and sharing in their achievements, problems, triumphs, sorrows, and of course medical problems.  Through them we have gained a whole lot of new sons and daughters who we love dearly.  The four new Elders that arrived a few weeks ago are called "sons" by their trainers which I guess makes them our four "grandsons" so she has had triplets and quads this month that she is watching grow and develop.

I appreciate all that she does for me, which is a trite saying, but one that is written with true gratitude and amazement at her dedication and sense of responsibility to me, our family, and to the Lord.  She is truly an amazing woman and a wonderful daughter of God whom I love dearly.

I love her and hope I can do all that is necessary to keep up with her in this life and in the eternities.  Happy Birthday to my wonder wife and eternal companion, Sister Schaefermeyer.

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