Sunday, April 17, 2016

Meet the Mormons

It had rained all day and we just knew our FHE party at Tanumalala Branch, Upolu Tafuaupolu Stake, would be rained out.  The Tanumalala Branch meets in an open air fale, so rain can be a FHE breaker.  As 6:00 p.m. arrived and we pulled onto the grass at the Branch, the rain was just a drizzle and it looked like the weather was clearing.  All we had to do now was settle in for some good old humid air.

Elder Leaituia, one of our elders from Tutuila who now serves here in Upolu, knew we had a personal copy of the Meet the Mormons movie and asked us to bring our projector and the movie for this fun event.  We love getting out and meeting with the members and their friends who may not be members.  These are special events for us.

Theron walked up to the fale to set up the screen and chased a hen and her three little chicks from the front bench.  There was one electrical outlet and we didn't have a power strip, so we prayed the computer would have enough battery.  Children in another fale on the property peeked out past the curtains to watch what we were doing. and the chickens ran wild around the other buildings on the property.  The branch president lives in the fale at the back on the left.  The building with walls is the branch president/clerk office and the next building to the right is the bathroom.

When the Church produced the movie Meet the Mormons, I'm certain they expected it to be shown far and wide and perhaps even thought about open air fales in the middle of the Pacific Ocean with Samoans drinking koko Samoa and eating crackers and butter.  What a sweet setting for this movie.  I'm not sure that everyone knew English, but the spirit was very special.  Love these memories and enjoyable evenings.

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