Saturday, April 16, 2016

Cameron - Age 14 - Teacher

Cameron Spencer Paschal, our first grandchild.  He's now 14 and according to his mother and father he's a teenager.  Guess he can't remain our innocent little resident genius forever; however, I hope he doesn't outgrow his integrity and spiritual strength.

It was a special experience we had seeing Cameron's birth.  The doctor even let me cut the extra cord length and I still remember the feeling I had of life, the smallness of this little boy, and the challenges that lay ahead.  Yes, Cameron you were a challenge - wasnting to stand and walk before you figured out how to eat and always wanting to be older than what you were.  That's not a bad thing, except if you turn away and walk in paths that are not good.  Always walk in the way of the Lord.  Keep walking and preparing for the next 4 years to serve a mission and humble yourself to prepare to be the missionary the Lord wants you to be.

We love how you keep trying.  Whenever you want to do something, you kept after it until you conquer it.  What a great trait.  Know, we will always be there for you, to love you, and to hug you, and to support you.  Happy 14th Birthday.

Love Grandma and Grandpa Schaefermeyer
Elder and Sister Schaefermeyer, today.

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