Saturday, April 30, 2016

Ali's First Bike Accident

You always are fearful when you read or get a phone call that tells you -- 'We took Ali to the hospital she hurt her head on a bicycle accident.'  Friday, April 29, 2016:

Loved that Brittney filled in the 'rest of the story.'

"Scary day yesterday.  Miss A was out playing with a friend yesterday.  I had been in and out checking on them while preparing dinner.  When I went out right before she fell, they had gotten on their bikes.  I reminded them to put on their helmets.  I heard the baby crying in the monitor so I left to get the baby.  I didn't stay and make sure they put their helmets on.  As I walked up the stairs I heard a scream I hope to never hear again.  

I ran outside to find Ali on the ground.  She was bleeding and hysterical.  It took a long time to get her to calm down.  She was confused and disoriented.  We cleaned up her wound and I did a neuro exam.  All was in contact but she complained of double vision.  We called dad and he started to head home.  Then she threw up.  I knew that meant she hit her head pretty hard so we took her in for a professional exam.  They assured us she most likely has a mild concussion.  If I had to repeat yesterday I would have put her helmet on her before I left.  I would have let the baby cry in her crib.  I knew Kacy was safe and had just woken from her nap.  I am so grateful it wasn't any worse.  We love Ali so much!  Thanks for the texts and calls.  She is doing well and resting.  Doctors orders."

Ali, we love you.  Sorry you had to go through such a traumatic experience.  It calls for lots of ice cream and new beadmaking things.

Love Grandma and Grandpa Schaefermeyer
in Samoa

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