Saturday, February 20, 2016

Happy Birthday to Brittney

A Special Wish for Brittney's Birthday - 2016

Aging is always a challenge for sure,
As daughter, sister, wife, mother and more,
You accept the challenge with laughter and love,
As your Father in Heaven smiles down from above.

A Temple you want to make of your home,
But the children and husband make you bemoan,
The fact that your home is not truly your own, but a place to nurture those you have sown.

Mason wants to play with his Lego toys,
And asks lots of questions as do all little boys,
Small plastic parts are strewn far and wide,
You spend much of your day just stepping aside.

Ali throws clothes all over the place,
You fold, she unfolds, and thinks it's a race.
Then plays she's at tea, listens intently for you
To sit down and drink a cup maybe two.

Tyce spends his days just climbing, exploring
And most of the time not listening, ignoring
the pleas of no, no-not that again,
Tyce please get down, Oh, he's at it again.

And Marc, the man of your dreams,
Spends his days scheming about CNC things,
But he helps fix the problems, hugs calmly and listens.
As you talk thing together and feel your eyes glisten.

October brought little Kacy to you
A joy that was so snuggly and new.
A perfect little girl, so mellow and mild
Large blue eyes made her a hug-able child.

The home is now full, but the house is too small
So the family decided to smash down a wall.
They started to dig, it's exciting and new
The contractor's helpers soon were too few

You endured all the sawing, the dust, and the banging,
And rejoiced when you first saw the new rafters hanging.
The end you could see now within your minds eye
Though weeks would be counted before the last sigh.

The day has arrived, the painting is done,
The carpet is laid, the draperies are hung.
Now for the fun of enjoying the room
And your office for sure would be in use soon.

We think you'll agree, what a year it has been
We hope you can look back and say with a grin
I'm eternally grateful for all I've been given,
And daily give thanks to my Father in Heaven.

We love you Brittney and are so glad you have chosen to be part of our family.
Happy Birthday.
Theron and Shanna

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