Saturday, February 27, 2016

200 gigabytes of Church videos

This last week we were in Tutuila.  Theron worked on the Pavaiai satellite rack and made all of the parts easily workable.  We trained President Lotulelei of the Pago Samoa Central Stake, his counselors, stake clerk and three technology specialists.  These training sessions are great because we see them visualize what could be.  There is testimony in technology.

In a broad interpretation of D&C 29:30-34, the Lord created all things spiritually then temporally and then states, 'all things unto me are spiritual.'

On Friday before we left to return to Apia, Elder Barclay and Elder Peters came by to get the rental car we had for their use -- long story, old van, theirs died, waiting for the new ones to be released from the docks.

As part of our work in Tutuila, we installed on every ward computer 200 gigabytes of Church videos from the website.  this allows the member access to these video resources without having to download them from the extremely limited internet here on the islands.  These videos are organized by topics - Bible videos, Mormon Messages, Come Follow Me, etc.  Our vision to the stake presidents is, that the computer is not a 'ward clerk' computer, but it is a 'ward computer' meant for the purpose of blessing lives of each member.  We suggest that one way to use the computer is to have a ward leader, youth or member and missionary copy a video onto a USB device and then use it with a smart TV to use in teaching Sunday lessons, FHEs, and missionary discussions.

Elder Barclay shared how a small video can be used as a spiritual tool for the work of the Lord:
Earlier in the month, he and his companion were teaching an investigator.  They arrived at her home one afternoon and she told them she couldn't see them anymore because she had just returned from the doctor and was told she had a cancerous tumor on her neck.  She needed to focus on this and come to terms with the prognosis.  Elder Barclay said that earlier in the week he had downloaded a Mormon Message, "Mountains to Climb" a short video message about overcoming trials and challenges.  He said he was prompted to show her this video.  Using her home smart TV she watched it and began to cry.  She told them this was meant for her and it gave her hope.  The missionaries then asked if they could give her a blessing; she accepted this not understanding exactly the power of a priesthood blessing from two worthy missionaries. She was comforted.

The next week they came back to see her and she told them that when the doctors re-examined her neck, the cancer was gone and there is just a small lump that is non-cancerous and easily operable.  She expressed that she knew it was because of them.  She is still investigating and hasn't committed to baptism yet, but they are still teaching her.

A short 4 minute video helped her to focus on God, gave comfort and softened her heart to receive a priesthood blessing.

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