Saturday, February 27, 2016

Grandchildren Update - February 2016

We love all the pictures that our family posts on Facebook and Instagram.  Thanks for letting us see the kids grow up from a distance.  Just today, Sunday, February 28, we talked to Brittney's uncle, Wayne Clayton and he was talking about how cute Kacy was; he paused and looked at us then shyly said, 'You haven't seen her yet have you?'  We smiled.  Yes, we have seen from a distance, but not hugged and held her; nor the triplets; nor Tyce, Ali, Mason, Taylor and Cameron for quite a while.  We send all of our love.

The four month pictures:
Kacy has the biggest blue eyes and look at that smile!
 Miss serious Lauren, laughing Brookelyn and look at the smug look on Jesse's face.

 Way to go Linda and Lisa - These three will always have some good saying to follow them.

 I couldn't resist this picture.  Wow what a smile on Tyce's face and thumb hold on the suspenders.
Way to snowboard Mason!  What a fun day with dad.

Love and Kisses
Grandpa and Grandma Schaefermeyer

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