Wednesday, August 3, 2016

The Pesega Lima (5) - 5K

I've never run, walked, or even in any way participated in a 5K.  Well, I'm at sea level, the track is paved, there are no hills, and we are in winter time, so it's cooler.  Okay, I'm in.

The Pesega Lima Ward that we attend had a 10-week "build the kingdom challenge".  Each ward member was supposed to read the scriptures every day, exercise for 30-minutes three times a week, submit one name to the Temple, and participate in the 5K.  We did all of those things and the big day, July 9 arrived too quickly.

 This is Theron with Sam Williams in the middle and Ian Seiula (We work with him in ICS).
 Lani Smolic and Mariama Ah Hoy were the organizers.  These are great sisters.

Theron and I had just been to the Cultural Center and made palm headbands, we wore those for our sweatbands.  We arrived at the Pesega Campus at 6:00 a.m. to do the 5K.  We proudly hung our numbers on our shirt.  The first ones to leave were the runners, the next group was the fast walkers, the last group the 'walkers.'  Theron was in the fast walkers group and me, Sister Ellsworth and Sister Spencer were the last of the walkers to leave.  The three of us stayed together for the entire 5K length and we were among the last to cross the finish line.  The story behind the story is that Sister Spencer has some health problems and can't walk very fast.  Sister Ellsworth and I stayed with her for support.

This really was fun, we passed in front of the Temple three times and circled the whole school and service center grounds three and a half times for a total of 5K.  It was fun, I love walking at sea level.  I never could navigate the hills of Eaglewood.

These are all the wonderful folks of Pesega Lima.  We will always love them.

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