Saturday, August 6, 2016

All In a Day's Work

Week before last, we traveled to Savaii and installed 5 new computers, trained two stake presidencies (Fagamalo and Pu'apu'a Stakes), several clerks and two STS.  We also installed the 200 gig of Church videos on several computers.  That's all in a week's work.  These trips help us train the technology specialists and audit the meetinghouse technologies in Savaii.   We found a new restaurant on the west side of the island with a resident cat that invited himself to dine with us.  We are sitting in the garden, in the sand, surrounded by coconut pillars.  The waiter was barefoot but elegantly served us a very appealing meal of grilled tuna sandwiches, chocolate cupcake and a cheesecake.

Yup, it's a hammock to enjoy yourself while you wait for your food.  Behind the hammock is a large white cooler that is the table for other customers.  Just stop at the scooter rental place to enjoy.

We could have done more work, but the FM, who have had a year to complete the cabinet and wiring setup for firewalls, has not completed their work.  So, back we will have to go to Savaii.  Now that's rough duty.

The weather wasn't that great so the drone flying was limited to the area by the ferry as we were waiting for our ferry ride back to Upolu.  Lloyd, one of the members of our ward saw him flying the done and now he wants to buy it. Lloyd is the personal trainer for Karl Malone - arms like WOW!

Now, lest you think we just go to the beach all day, look at our office this week.  We (Elder Schaefermeyer) imaged 48 MLS (clerk) computers.  He had a steep learning curve - Win10, cloning software, making the image exactly like we wanted, etc.  Note the screen saver on my computer.  I love looking at our family every time I boot it up!  I think they are adorable.

Now, we have 27 Family History Center computers to image.  I worked all week and haven't been able to complete even one!  Guess I'll wait until Tuesday to contact the GSC.

Saturday we went to the South side of the island and installed two new computers and spent a couple of hours at the beach.  I swam out and Theron Filmed me with the drone and then I came in while he went out snorkeling.  He was very excited when he came back because he had swum for several minute with a VERY large turtle, just after seeing a 5 foot long barracuda,  and spending several minutes with the first octopus he has seen in Samoa.  I didn't see any of it, so I think it's a lot like Todd seeing a shark in Cozumel.

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