Saturday, January 30, 2016

Curt at 38

January 11, 2016, Curt celebrated his 38th birthday.  What a birthday treat for this year - an enlarged family of five!  Curt, how wonderful to see your maturing growth over the past few years from a new husband, a new job responsibility, and now a new father.

You are so talented and such an industrious worker.  Your acts of unselfishness are never unnoticed by us your parents, even though at times others may not say how much they appreciate you, know that we certainly do! Keep up the good work.

We have loved watching you (from afar) show pride in those three little babies you and Melanee have been blessed with.  We look forward to hugging you again and enjoying your laughter.

Hope you got an extra hour of sleep as a birthday present.  Always remember how tiny the babies were - below is Curt and Lauren.

Happy Birthday Son!!

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