Friday, January 22, 2016

A Special Farewell to Paws

Paws started out as Curt's cat and over the years, ended up as Theron's cat and friend.  She loved to see Theron come home from a trip and ignored him just long enough to say 'you are punished for leaving me' and would immediately climb on his lap and purr contentedly.

She lived outdoors and indoors and preferred to lay in the bushes by the back stairs to survey her kingdom.  She was a friend to our deer and often slept with these large companions in the evenings.  Never would she go across the street because she had seen her sister leave and never come back from doing just that.  She endured our mission to Jamaica, our many trips and even staying with Neala for a time.  She endured riding in the car from time to time.  However, stress was not her friend and she often lost hair in the process.  She also had to endure many things that were humiliating at best when Theron would shave her for the summer.

When we left for Samoa, we knew Paws was getting older and hoped that she would be around when we returned.  Unfortunately, that was not to be.  Perhaps it was the adjustment of living with Melanee's cat, or the change from the upstairs litter box to the downstairs litter box, or the winter weather, or the three new babies.  Whatever the cause, Paws lost her appetite and wouldn't eat.

Melanee dubbed this photo "A man and his cat."

Curt had to take her to the vet for last rights the first week in January 2016.

Theron is very sad that he won't have a companion that snuggles with him, runs purrs at his presence when he comes him when he whistles,

We will see you Paws on the other side.

This was the last picture of Paws as she was laying next to Lauren.  She was making friends with the new little ones.

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