Saturday, September 5, 2015

Pago Weekly Review - September 5, 2015

This blog post starts a new chapter in our Samoan Mission, I am calling it the Pago Weekly Review.  We will write about our missionaries, travel activities and life here in Pago.  Enjoy.

This is a list of our missionaries names.  It's more for Theron and me to remember than for public interest.  There are two zones, East and West and five districts.  This list was prepared before transfers on Tuesday, but we want to remember the elders and sisters who were Our First:
Sisters Aspinall and Markowitz
Elders Tuitalili and Funganitau
Elders Bybee and Buckingham (he has eye disease and is going blind)
Elders Siaki (he will finish his mission this week) and Erickson
Elders Forsythe and Evangelia
Elders Unga And Mikkelsen (he will be the BYU football team kicker when he returns)
Elders Sparks and Onosai
Elder Zobrist (he is leaving this week) and Afuvai - West Zone Leaders
Sisters Laban and Lund
Elder Tafeaga (his companion went home to Savai'i to his father's funeral)
Elders Harn and Masaga (living in the football mansion)
Elders Cassinat, Havea (he is recovering from typhoid fever)
Elders Smith, Robertson, Taufaalili
Elders Leiataua and Barclay
Elders Howard and Tua'itanu
Elders Vaai and Kanae
Elders Seui and Fenger

This week, we had four elders who were vomiting and had diarrhea.  We bought Gatorade and Theron had to show them how to take the carbonation out of a coke so they just had the syrup - go figure in this day of soda!  Theron counseled with two elders one having anxiety and one going home for a repentance issue.  One elder had an ear ache and we started him on amoxicillan.  One sister had a little fungus rash on her face.  I was recovering from a sore throat and so I had to elbow bump handshake and encouraged them when they are sick to do the same.  We carry lots of baby wipes with us - they are great hand sanitizers.

These are all great missionaries and trying to do everything to be obedient.  We have also been working on imaging 5 computers for the PBO office and met with Stake President Aiono who is also the coordinator of Seminaries and Institutes.  He wants to start the technology training immediately.

Shopping is as much a challenge here as in Apia.  We have a CostULess which is similar to Costco and that makes life a bit easier.  For "non-bulk" items, we shop at several other stores.  This is a picture of the fresh fish in the grocery store, Theron calls them one fish, two fish, red fish, blue fish.

Here are some pictures from our little Saturday trip to Aua Pass and Vatia (the north east side of the island).
 Neala should remember this bus stop.  It's where you left your camera bag.
 This is called flower pot island.  We drive past it every time we go to the east side of the island.
 This is Pago Harbor from on top of Aua Pass.
 This is our friend, the US Post Office.  Each week we go to pick up and deliver the mail.
 This is Rain Maker.  One of the tallest mountains on the island.
This should tell it all.  Eat more StarKist Tuna, keep Samoan's in work.

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