Monday, September 14, 2015

Blunt's Point

Blunt's point is a WWII naval fortification consisting of one large gun located very strategically on a hill above the entry point of the harbor at Pago Pago.  The location of this weapon is not visible from the road so we had to locate it on the map and hike up the mountain to it.  However, there are a lot of reminders of the fortification of the island in the form of what I've always called Pill Boxes that are quite visible.  These are round concrete bunkers with a narrow gun slot around the top that sit right on the edge of the beach and appear to be located withing sight of each other.  We haven't taken photos of one but will post some later on.  

Shanna kind of reminds me of the front gun sight on a hunting rifle.

 The view from the top was beautiful even though the day was overcast.  We chose the day based on the temperature, which was great for hiking but not the best for taking photos.  We would recommend seeing it in person if you're not impressed with the photos.

This is Flowerpot Island where we went snorkeling last week.  Here you can see how the island is surrounded by a coral reef so the waves break away from the shore which provides great snorkeling at high tide.  Experience has shown that snorkeling at low tide may result in coral in your foot!

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