Saturday, July 11, 2015

Survivor Beach

Saturdays are beach day.  This day we went back to 'clam beach' - Savaia - and snorkeled out to see the large clams.  Tom Youd and his wife, Katrina, and their two children are here for a family reunion.  Kat grew up in Apia and had never been to this beach, so we introduced her to another part of her home island.  Theron and Tom worked togetheryears ago at BSD.

After snorkeling here, Youd's were traveling over to Survivor Beach (the place where they filmed Survivor Samoa), so we followed along. The Keil Family invited us to eat with them, it was fun to see this big family and how welcoming they are to share their breadfruit, barbecued chicken, pork, and cakes.
This beach is located on the southwest end of the island, over a mountain and down into a valley.  They are making it into a resort area.  Not a bad place to spend 40 days, it's surprising that just a few miles over the hill is a really nice village.  The "survivors" were not far from civilization.

 We are standing on Survivor Beach - are we famous yet?

On the drive, we got to see a long boat practice.  Click on this closer and you can see the individual men who are rowing.  These boats are amazing.

Now, we can truly say we have driven around the entire island.  Now to explore all the interior roads.

Earlier in the week, we visited with Elder and Sister Jackson's daughter and family, the Manwells recently from Georgia.  They had worked with our beloved Tracy Meddow from Jamaica when she was there on her mission.  It was so fun to talk about their experiences with Tracy on her mission and our experience seeing her married.  It is amazing to us how many people we meet on a weekly basis who we have an association with people we know.

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