Friday, July 10, 2015

Go Manu Samoa! All Blacks 25 Manu 16

This week was the rugby game of the decade in Samoa.  The New Zealand All Blacks and Manu Samoa played in Samoa.  Everyone on the island was into this game. They decorated like these pictures show for miles and miles from the airport to Apia and then clear out to the east end of the island.  The game was on Wednesday and all the businesses closed at noon.  As we were driving from fixing a firewall on the west side of the island, the streets were empty and all the taxi stands were crowded with taxi drivers gathered around a small TV; large family gatherings could be seen at the fales and great crowds gathered downtown to watch the game on a large screen.

Yep, these are gas pumps wrapped in coconut fronds.  We're sure its not dangerous.

Along this section, they took coconuts and put them in piles that looked like rugby balls and painted them black with silver stitches and across the street were blue and white painted coconuts to look like rugby balls.

The tickets at the stadium were sold out a long, long time ago.  It was such fun to see how everyone was into this event.  Manu lost 25-16, but one player made a goal score - don't know what it is called and has become the national hero.  Rugby is not for the faint of heart and is really wild.

We watched the game in our little house eating pizza.

Way to go Manu Samoa!!

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