Tuesday, June 9, 2015

Missed Some Big Grandchildren Moments

Yes, as missionary grandparents, we miss some very tender moments and memories from the lives of our grandchildren.  So thankful for digital pictures these days and for our Vonage phone.  We called Mason the day of his kindergarten graduation and I don't think he quite knew what to say, he was rather shy, but at least we got to say "I Love You" and that meant lots to us.

 Ali Jo is getting so big, she graduated from her first year in pre-school.  We were delighted a while ago when Marc told us she could spell her name --- A-L-I-Enter.  What a delight she is and I'm assuming a challenge to her mother and father.

Mason graduated from Kindergarten!!  Now he will go to school all day, eat lunch, and learn much, much more each day.  Wow, when did he get so big?

Tyce graduated from lots of things, he just graduated to a big bed.  Night time will not be the same around the house anymore.  Marc just refinished a small two wheeled bike for him and I'll bet he wants to ride it all the time.  Tyce is an explorer and is not afraid of touching, trying and doing!  Go for it buddy.

Mason's neighborhood class!
So in Marc and Brittney's house:  Mason graduated from Kindergarten, Ali Jo graduated from pre-school, Tyce graduated to a big boy bed, Brittney graduated to maternity clothes and Marc watched all the graduations!!!!

Cameron is now in 8th grade.  This was the first time he has gone to school on a regular school calendar year.  Wonder what a full three months off is going to be like for him.  I did see a picture of him and his friends "sluffing" a part of the last day of school -- they took a picture and posted it on Instagram.  The sluffing was at his house - how novel is that.

Taylor is now in 6th grade - when did that happen.  He will go to school this summer and that will be his last summer in year-round school.

We love our grandchildren, they are the best gifts our children could give us.  Have fun this summer and know that we miss you.  Keep posting pictures.

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