Wednesday, June 10, 2015

Billion Graves Youth Project

As part of our stakes, Apia Samoa Pesega, participation in the Area Presidency's 15 in 15 (get your first fifteen parent and ancestor names in FamilySearch) organized a youth Billion Graves project.  The leaders had a large cemetery mapped out and each ward assigned to several rows.  We were invited to help and provide our iphone and ipad to use taking pictures.  We loved being out with the youth and doing this project.  We were impressed at how well the youth embraced cleaning graves, taking pictures and at how many stopped to read the headstone.  This week at their mutual activity, they met at the Pesega School computer lab and transcribed the headstones that were uploaded.

This photo shows the number of youth involved.  What a great group.

If you are so inclined, you can look at the Billion Graves site and search for the Maagiagi Cemetery in Samoa.

We also got to meet a Samoan (from California) who played pro-football.  Here is a picture of me and Edwin Mulitalo who has two Super Bowl rings.  He's just little,  I'm standing on tip toes.  Eddie came to Church at our ward on Sunday and in Priesthood Theron said he stacked to chairs together and sat on them to make himself more comfortable.

Sports figures are abundant here.  Today we were at the Mission Office picking up Theron's new sandals - he definitely brought the wrong shoes and these will be much more comfortable especially with a lava lava -- we met Elder Mikkelsen who will be the kicker on the BYU Football team next year.  He was serving in Savaii and fell on a step and put a big gash in his left leg and it developed cellulitis.  He was in getting medical care.  Great missionary and really wanting to get back to work.  We have to protect his leg - Theron told him we would look for the scar on his leg when we watched a game.

Without youth projects and meeting sports figures, life is just one day in the office after another.  Steve and Jackie, you have beautiful sun and flowers and mountains; this is what Elder Schaefermeyer does -- office work.  We did get our specialist training manual finished. :)

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