Saturday, May 2, 2015

Talofa Samoa

On Saturday afternoon, our plane landed on the tarmac at the Samoa Airport.  We were "processed" and presented passports, visas, opened luggage (they were really concerned about our pillows which Theron had sucked all the air out of them and they were rather compact), and finally were able to load all of the luggage on a cart and head for the outside.

What a welcome site to see President and Sister Tolman.  When you get into the car with the Mission President you know you have arrived.  The temperature was hot, humid and wonderful!!!

Tolman's drove us to our house in the upper village, #41b.  We then met them for dinner at what is billed as the best restaurant in Samoa - Scalini's.  By the time dinner was over, I was beat and ready for sleep.

Elder and Sister Jacobs who are assistant area auditors and senior missionary district leaders left me the best gift that could be given -- small bananas that we called 'bumps' in Jamaica and I'll learn the name here, but they are delicious!!!!  Home sweet home for the next 18 months.

Today is Sunday and we attended the English speaking ward on the Church compound.  The mission nurse was leaving and at the end of Relief Society, the sisters all stood and sung the traditional Samoan farewell song (wow -- was that wonderful).

This young man, Kvans Pauga, was one of Bill Schaefermeyer's missionaries and recognized our name immediately.  What a small, small world is the Church.

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