Wednesday, April 22, 2015

MTC - Mid-Week

Today is Wednesday and we have just completed our first investigator teaching assignment.  She was a widowed lady, a Methodist, and was not sure about believing in the Godhead and prayer.  For me this is challenging, getting to know the person and committing them to follow one principle of the gospel.  I survived.

We have been learning much about teaching and commitments.  As Theron and I were discussing how this would apply to our mission, we determined that when we teach the technology specialists we need to have them make commitments and we will have them teach some of the lessons to each other and to the group.  Therefore, this training is good for us and has us thinking about our upcoming assignment.

I have been trying to eat very moderately -- they have so much food.  We did meet two missionaries who are going to Samoa and we look forward to seeing them there.  They are in language training right now and will arrive after we get there.  Speaking of language training - read these badges.  Nobody is teaching us the language -- hope the blessing of the gift of tongues starts to work quickly.

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