Friday, July 1, 2016

The Big 65th Birthday - Theron has reached a milestone!

 This is the big year for Theron – it’s legitimate Social Security time; Medicare is our primary insurance; and our investments just might last the rest of our years.

We had no big celebration because we are so far away.  So, I am telling the world about Theron as I have observed him for 42 of his 65 years - up close and personal.

When you reach the age of 65, you deserve a great birthday gift - his quad copter will be here next week!  All the senior elders are patiently waiting to help him fly it!  He has been studying how to fly it for two weeks now and is listening to all the training videos he has downloaded. This is normal Theron learning.  He studies and studies and reads on a subject until it becomes a part of him.  I love watching him study a new topic; it consumes him.

For all of you who think Theron is nothing but jokes, quick wit and comebacks, you only know the outside public shell.  Here’s the Theron that I know.

 He works very hard and plays as a reward.  When there is a job to do, he is with it to the end.  Just before we left on our mission, he worked day and night building Adrian and Todd’s basement.  He then went and spent two weeks helping our good friends Craig and Judy remodel their new St. George home.  He put his heart into these acts of service and enjoyed every minute of it.  

Through the years, he has always provided for his family.  We have never gone hungry, never gone without vacations, never gone without toys, never gone without anything we have needed and wanted.

He has a very strong testimony of the gospel.  He has served many times in the Young Men organization and has taught tirelessly how to be the adult who performs as a shadow leader.  He would rather build up others than build up himself and his talents and skills.  

All of you will be able to answer these questions, because he has touched your life in more ways than you can count:  Who was it that bought 15 large boxes of matches and gave them to the kids to light fires while we were camping?  Who was it that forced me to get into an inner tube with a life jacket and float in 4 feet of water at Lake Powell?  Who was it that made Neala don scuba gear and then jump in the water to rescue her just before as she yelled "Joe"?  Who was it that built Adrian a larger than life Barbie house that was much stronger than the plastic model?  Who was it that hiked Philmont 5 times?  Who was it that rented a parachute for Lake Powell and made Judy ride it?  Who was it that turned our front yard into a Christmas extravaganza with lights, music and Santa Claus?  Who was it that took Adrian to Korea and China; Curt on a three masted sailing ship as a crew member; and Marc to the Bolshoi Ballet in Russia one week and the Budweiser factory the next?  Who was it that made every business trip a vacation and brought back foreign money to our kids?  Who was it that convinced David Cope to travel to Antarctica and wear a tuxedo t-shirt?   Who is it that can pick out a "than" and "then" mistake?  Who was it that said, 'Peace can break out at any time.'

Theron loves his family.  He taught our children how to laugh and how to be independent.  It was his idea to give them keys to all the cars when they turned 16.  He was the one that told the boys to go out the back door if they wanted to sneak out, rather than try to sneak out through the basement window of their bedroom.  

His favorite Church calling was cub master.  He has an annoying habit of timing the music of the sacrament meeting songs and complaining about how slow we sing.  He loved home teaching the Koch family and taking doggy treats to tame their dog.  

He is never happier than when he can banter back and forth with his sister Neala.  He is always worried about his sister Elynn and her health.  Carol and Kendall are close to his heart and he is worried about Kendall's health right now and always anxious to hear about Carol's latest operation.

Besides his family, he loves my dysfunctional family and continues after all these years to laugh with the "we was's".

There are just so many things I could say about this wonderful man.  He loves us, he is compassionate, he knows how to handle difficult situations, and he makes us laugh.  We love him back and wouldn't trade him for anyone else - even after all these years.

And - it's hard to find good pictures of the family photographer, was he there all these years?!

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