Sunday, November 29, 2015

Pago Weekly Update - Week Ending November 28 - The Cyclone

We didn't post last week, not because we were in a cyclone but because things got hectic.  Then, the cyclone came and all Samoan Islands were under a storm warning for category 1 cyclone TUNI.  All week it rained, the winds were about 30-40 mph and oh, did I mention it rained.  We are talking sheets of rain and flash floods and landslides were the fear of the day.  Our mission conference on November 28 with Elder Haleck (1st Counselor in Pacific Area Presidency) was cut short because we wanted to get the missionaries to their homes before another big wave of rain hit that was officially part of the actual cyclone.

Today was the first time we have seen the sun in a couple of weeks.  It was so nice to wake up and see the rays of sunshine come through the windows.  A great way to start the Sabbath.

We had been watching two bunches of bananas grow and ripen on our banana trees.  On Thursday, Ropeti Lesa, Facilities Management manager here, was helping with Thanksgiving preparations and showed us how to cut them down and ripen them.  Between Thursday night and Saturday morning, both banana trees blew down.  The one we had already cut and the other the banana bunch was laying on the lawn.  Across the street a portion of a breadfruit tree split and fell down (bottom picture). Other than these minor injuries to plants and trees, no humans were hurt in our yard; no missionaries were lost.

These are our two bunches of bananas, who's going to eat all of these?  They are like zucchini.  You cut them off the tree where they grow up, you hang them down and cover them with a cloth.  They will still be green when we uncover and begin to use and will rapidly turn yellow.

While all of this was happening, the main characters of our life were growing.  How fun to watch this happen.  Thanks for letting us FaceTime and interrupt your lives.  Also, it looks like Marc and Brittney's addition to their house is done enough that they can start moving in their addition to the family.  This week will be the final part of the build.  It looks like a great addition to their home.
 The three sleeping peacefully.
 The girls and the cat.  I think the cat is jealous.
Jesse in full view.
 The sisters enjoying a look at each other.
Tyce, Mason, Ali and Kacy.

Sorry, no recent pictures of Taylor and Cameron.  Adrian and Todd need a new camera!
Love, Mom and Dad

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